Take a look at your operators in your command center. How many are actively typing responses to system messages? Most of the time they sit there to be alert to a single message. If you have multiple operators looking at multiple screens, the MCC will give you hard dollar savings in head count, equipment needs, and floor space.

The MCC’s powerful command language allows you to automate responses to any event. Since the MCC is centralized, there is no need to deploy agents or scripts across your servers. A change in the MCC is implemented everywhere immediately. If you still use software automation running on agents in each system, you put up with multiple agent versions, synchronizing rule changes, extra license fees, and long change cycles.

The MCC instantly provides notification of disturbances, power loss or communication interruptions.

The MCC’s unique, centralized approach allows it to solve distributed application problems across multiple platforms to pinpoint the root cause.

From a single access point, all historical console logs are available to help teams research a problem together no matter where they may be located. Any connected system can be managed, booted, or IPL’d from any PC in any location. Perfect for remote, "lights out" centers, traveling workers, home based staff, and even disaster recovery

There is no restriction on the number of "operators" that can be viewing and/or working with the same console simultaneously.

Although not mandatory, a private network between MCC and the target systems provides the ultimate in security. Operators have complete control over their systems from any attached network. However, all access is gated through the MCC server. Every access attempt can be logged and filtered.

Each type of operation for each type of target computer is controlled by customizable security settings. User access can be individually controlled or the user can be placed in a security group and be given the privileges of the group. Users can be limited to only view assets or can be allowed full update capabilities.


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