Virtual Agents
One of the most expensive and time consuming aspects of monitoring and controlling a large number of diverse machines is the installation and maintenance of agent code for each target machine. Every time a target machine is upgraded, you need to upgrade and test new agent code. Agent code becomes another item to be handled by your change control procedures. In large data centers, this can become a large needlessly burdensome activity.

The MCC solution to this is to make full use of the target machine's performance monitoring and accounting capabilities. In the same way as your system programmer would query the system, MCC queries for performance and accounting information.

The MCC comes with virtual agents for popular operating systems - scripting source code is included without additional cost. You can customize the agent code to meet your site's individual needs. Our professional services staff is available to help you customize agents or even create a new agent.

MCC comes with virtual agents plus full script source code for the following systems:

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