MCC Questions & Answers

What’s the difference between the MCC and using a KVM solution?

The MCC is a lower cost solution to remote server management without having to install special equipment, run cables, etc.

A KVM solution allows a single keyboard and display to be connected to many servers with the ability to "hot key" between screens of the connected servers. Users need a tool like PC Anywhere to access the KVM main PC to provide remote access - only one user can access the main PC at a time.

  • If you already have a KVM system, the MCC Alerts Window points you to systems that need assistance.

  • Using the MCC will allow you to move rarely used KVM connections to other systems without buying more equipment.

  • The MCC provides additional power and capability with an Alert window, automation, reporting and shared access for multiple users. Its goal is to provide a "single pane of glass" view for your operations staff.

Why would I need a MCC if we are installing 2074’s for our mainframe?

The 2074 saves floor space over the 3174’s it replaces. It allows multiple consoles to be connected to a single display of "mini-console" windows with "hot key" rotation between systems. Your operators can miss messages that they can’t see rolling off the background screens!

The MCC consolidates hundreds of consoles from multiple platforms - mainframes, AS400s, UNIX, Linux, NT, etc. - to a single display with an Alerts screen (no need to "hot key" around looking for problems).

The MCC is the "console of consoles" for all servers in your enterprise – mainframe, midrange, etc., with centralized automation, reporting, awareness for multiple locations, and shared access.

If you have a 2074 then this is no problem. MCC will connect to a 2074. You can use MCC to supplement your present operations setup or you can use MCC to ease the transition away from the 2074.

How does the MCC work with Patrol, UniCenter, Tivoli, OpenView, etc.?

These agent-based tools are alert consolidators that can monitor a number of items. The MCC may replace the need for some of their software licenses.

The MCC Alerts Window can process all SNMP messages in and/or out simultaneously without interrupting any procedures you have in place for your existing software tools.

The MCC integrates with these products for notification into existing procedures for email, paging, alerting, etc.

With the MCC you plug in another system and it’s ready to go immediately – no software to install. All automation is centralized - no downloading needed!

The MCC provides a consolidated view of your enterprise across all platforms so users can go from alert to automation to connecting a console for rebooting any location.

How much does a MCC cost?

"We get hard dollar savings - more than our investment in a MCC - every three months!"

The MCC starts with a rack mounted Linux server loaded with our MCC software and virtual agents. The number of coax and Ethernet connections you have coupled with your choice of using MCC EBus connectors determines your MCC investment.

z/OS and MVS installations require the optional STARS software. STARS handles all the messages, WTOR’s, and alerts from mainframe LPARs.

The MCC is scalable – you can start with a small system and grow. The MCC installs in a few hours and is ready to start saving you money.

"We went from 24 people on three shifts to just two people on two shifts."

Lease prices are available to fit any budget.

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