10 Reasons to Install a MCC

1. Reduce headcount.
To get lean and mean you have to look at consolidating, eliminating and automating to get more efficient without losing your effectiveness.

The MCC’s console consolidation allows you to reduce unneeded staff and eliminate multiple locations while providing more efficiency.

The MCC’s automation removes the need for vertical monitoring of specific systems. From any location hundreds of servers or applications can be managed automatically.

2. Need to merge data centers? Acquiring another IT group? Outsourcing? Consolidating? Downsizing?
These are the perfect times to commit to a MCC and gain control over costs while improving your service level.

3. Increase quality of service.
In today’s fast paced environment, any interruption or delay will cause impact to your business. With herds of servers and a myriad of applications, you need too much staff to be aware of potential problem activities. The MCC brings all the messages and alerts to a centralized location highlighting the critical from the daily traffic, automates responses, and gives you access to any server console.

4. Eliminate expensive software.
If you have many servers, you may already pay a license and maintenance fee for each image. With the MCC’s centralized approach and virtual agents, you can save money right away.

5. Multi-system distributed applications.
In today’s IT world, applications will often run on different platforms. If one piece fails, how does the other platform become aware? With the MCC’s unique, centralized approach, any message that affects applications in other platforms can be identified and automated corrective action and notification can occur.

6. Disaster recovery.
Should the Operations center be near the data center? Can any data center be managed remotely? Why send huge staffs to disaster recovery sites when you can do it remotely? With the MCC you can manage anything, anywhere.

7. Stop the finger pointing.
With many political important domains in the IT infrastructure and everyone trying to say "not us". It’s not the network; it’s the server. It’s not the server; it’s the application. It’s not the application; it’s the database. With the MCC, all the messages come to one place, any PC can access it, and everyone will be able to work from the same page to solve the problem.

8. Losing control?
It’s a common feeling. It’s easy to solve with a MCC. Consolidate, centralize, automate, and save money.

9. Management awareness.
Most IT management does the fire drill when a higher up calls to complain about service. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had the MCC gathering the data and giving you a window to your world from your Pocket PC? From your IPAQ PC connected up to your internal wireless network, you can get the MCC Alerts window right in your hand.

10. Capture knowledge.
Teaching people what to do if this happens, if that happens, opens your enterprise to potential mistakes, continuity training, legacy positions, compensation debates, and more trouble. Teaching the MCC to automate responses and manage your systems is an investment that keeps on paying off.

Sometimes it’s just the simplest thoughts that can create the greatest value. The MCC will be your hardest working staff member, takes on extra work without complaint, never tires, never needs a rest, obeys your orders, and scales to fit your needs.

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