The MCC Solution

The MCC is powerful, cost-cutting tool solution for your IT enterprise – proven in data centers worldwide. It consolidates consoles for hundreds of servers – mainframes, AS400, Unix, NT, other devices (routers, hubs, switches, etc.), as well as software monitoring applications (CA-UniCenter, BMC-Patrol, IBM-Tivoli, HP-OpenView, etc.). For non-mainframe servers, no agent software is necessary!

Run your entire enterprise from anywhere – with console consolidation and filtering!
You can view any server or group of servers from any PC:
1. Display the alert window of exception messages filtered by the MCC. Alerts are color coded for easy visibility.

2. Become a console with full IPL and/or reboot capabilities no matter where the PC’s or the servers are located.

You save hardware and headcount.

For the ultimate awareness, you can have any PocketPC connected to a wireless network display the MCC Alerts Window!

The MCC’s powerful command language allows you to automate responses to any event. Since the MCC is centralized, there is no need to deploy agents or scripts across your servers. A change in the MCC is implemented everywhere immediately.

The MCC instantly provides notification of disturbances, power loss or communication interruptions.

The MCC’s unique, centralized approach allows it to solve distributed application problems across multiple platforms to pinpoint the root cause.

From a single access point, all systems console logs are available to help teams research a problem together no matter where they may be located.

There is no restriction on the number of "operators" that can be viewing and/or working with the same console simultaneously.

Reporting to increase your management awareness
The MCC gathers message, alert and other activity information for you to use with Crystal reports or Excel charts and graphs. You keep track of your effectiveness without losing control.

Technical Data
The MCC is a rack mounted, Linux based server with connections via coax, RS232, TELNET, SNMP, VNC, or Ethernet to each of your servers. For full reboot capability, a server is plugged into a MCC EBus board that fits into a backplane chassis or single remote unit.

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