Executive Summary

"The main objective is to manage by exception. The overall strategy is to have completely hands-off operations, but to be alerted when there is an exception to the process which needs to be handled."

The MCC is a powerful, cost-cutting tool for your IT enterprise – proven in data centers worldwide. It consolidates consoles from hundreds of servers - mainframes, AS400, Unix, NT, etc. into a single display. The MCC analyzes messages from every console and displays critical alerts. It enhances any software monitoring tools you use.
  • You reduce headcount and equipment needs since the MCC consolidates all the consoles into a "single pane of glass." With the MCC you can manage your entire enterprise from any location.

  • You cut costs by having anyone, anywhere, have console access to any system to make changes, boot, or IPL. Your disaster recovery team never has to travel.

  • You save money by capturing knowledge and automating it with the MCC. No people risks.

  • You save money by reducing software costs. The MCC uses virtual agents to gather its information – removing costs for software licensing, maintenance, installation, and upgrades.

  • You improve your team’s effectiveness. The MCC can react to problems with multi-system applications and point the way to a solution. Centralization of data gives everyone, anywhere, access to work on critical issues together.

  • You improve your management effectiveness. Reports and graphs give you awareness of activity to plan your staffing needs.

  • Your MCC provides a return on investment in a short period and continues to increase its value over time.

The MCC Solution

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