True today more than yesterday, your systems are the life-blood of your business. If they are not working 24/7 without fault, your business is in jeopardy. To cut costs you must consolidate and get more efficient while increasing your effectiveness.

Run your entire enterprise from anywhere – with console consolidation and filtering!

The MCC is designed as the console of consoles – bring together hundreds of consoles so a smaller operations staff can be more effective. You can manage any server or group of servers from anywhere – run every part of your enterprise remotely. A Chicago staff can manage datacenters in New York, Florida, England, and Arizona – and even that server in the sales office in Houston!

With the MCC’s virtual agents no software modifications are necessary on the target servers. This means that one or more data centers across one or more continents can be controlled from any number of control centers. Just plug a MCC EBus into the console connection and instantly start controlling and monitoring any computer remotely.

"With our MCC we went from a staff of 24 operators on three shifts to just two operators on two shifts."

From a PC and/or web browser you can access the MCC Alerts window for all servers – removing the need for multiple consoles and multiple operators. Alerts are color coded for easy visibility. 

Character Display Good for slow connections (e.g. dial-up via modem)

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